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Thousands of Americans have come to know Payday Advance America as the top source of short-term loans. Those same people can attest to our integrity and commitment to quality service. You'll never be subjected to unknown charges, or be duped into anything you aren't ready for. All your questions will be answered before we begin. Any cash advance service can guarantee an abundance of savings, but ours is head and shoulders above the rest because of the professionalism we bring to the table.

Struggling with a problem that needs urgent attention?

Apply above, at no charge or obligation, for a payday advance.

See how it can help you make important payments and get things under control.

Above all else, we protect your best interests and consumer rights.

Do not rush this. We make no issue of the fact that a cash advance can be detrimental to your efforts to make yourself debt free if you fail to repay the funds back by the agreed upon date. You must be on board with the program and fully aware of what you are getting into. We encourage you to think long and hard before determining that a payday advance loan is what you need.

At NO charge, apply today and see what we mean.

If a payday advance is what you need, here is all you have to do!

The time to become debt free and get your finances under control is right now. Our experienced agency will provide the simple chance to do so. Our goal is to make the payday advance application process as smooth and simple as possible. We never charge any hidden fees and we give consumers in all situations the chance to receive overnight payday advance loans, regardless of any past credit or money problems. No questions will be asked about your financial history and the criteria for eligibility are easy.

First off, you must have an Internet connection, since the process of applying for a loan begins with the FREE form atop this page. Since you're reading this, chances are you've got that covered. Here is what you should be ready to provide before you apply...

  1. In order to qualify for a payday advance, you need to verify that your identity is your own, and that you are employed. Your social security number, and your employer's I.D. number, respectively, should accomplish this.
  2. You will need your bank account's routing number handy, so that we know where to deposit your cash advance when all your information is verified! Your money can be sent to a checking or savings account - whichever you prefer!
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A debt free America awaits with the use of a payday advance.

Further payday advance insight from the professionals

If you decide that a short-term loan from our agency is what you are after, America's leading team of lenders is honored to be your partner! Many people think that we offer the most - and the best - affordable loans made to our clients. We have been depositing reliable, fast payday advance options into the bank accounts of our clients for years. Continue reading and decide if this is the right more for you at this time. Take advantage.

Requesting a payday advance is both free and convenient

This business really isn't that complicated, at least it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, emergency cash needs arise that you can't deal with, even if you're gainfully employed. The whole reason a payday cash advance exists is to help people who are hit with these hard times out of the blue. Most people in America don't have the hefty reserves on hand to absorb these unexpected costs without borrowing, either. So when you need money fast, our lenders can help. It is just a matter of contacting them. This is the goal behind all our payday advance loans.

An additional, closing note regarding the privacy guaranteed by our payday advance service

Your information will always be kept private, and our online application is 100 percent secure. No one will find out that you applied for one or more payday advances unless you tell them. Your confidentiality is guaranteed under the Payday Advance America bylaws. That's pretty much all you need to know. We only need the things described above in order to meet the necessary security guidelines, and get you the help you need within 24 hours! When you're ready, we're standing by to assist.

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