How Can Cash Advances Assist You?

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Payday Advance America is a top-ranked provider of easy money to our customers for a reason. We've worked hard and created a system that allows us to issue cash advances to people despite their mistakes in the past.

  • How does Payday Advance America issue our loans?
  • Are there limitations placed on who we'll issue cash advances to?

Read on and then complete the brief form at the top of the page to contact one of our experts about getting up to $500 directly deposited into your checking or savings account in the next 24 hours with no credit check. This is the number-one reason why so many individuals turn to our site and make a request for instant cash advances.

You'll quickly see how helpful cash advances can be.

Getting cash advances has never been easier

For many people, the local bank is both a boon and a curse - while you can keep your money in their accounts there, consumers oftentimes find themselves in need of a discrete personal loan and are flabbergasted when the bank refuses to do business with them. They'll turn you down without blinking an eye.

That's just not right, and we are out to give you another option. One you can depend on. With Payday Advance America, our cash advance program means that with a few simple requirements, you're set. What are they?

  1. First, we'll need to have some proof of identification, including your name, address, telephone number, and social security number. While we do not run any credit checks, we do need the last item as proof of identity (to guard against fraud) and to make sure that you've not defaulted on any previous loans.
  2. Then we'll need proof that you're currently employed - we can't issue payday cash advances to our customers without employment. You'll need to make sure that we have your workplace's name, total monthly pay, and the dates of your next two forthcoming paychecks.
  3. Finally, to deposit our cash advances into your account directly, we'll need your checking or savings account number as well as the routing number. The routing number is at the bottom of your checks - you may need to contact your bank about getting your savings account routing number.

That's it! No paperwork is needed to become eligible for our no faxing cash advances - just the simple list of information above. For more information, click on the link at the top of the page and fill out the no-obligation form an talk to one of our representatives. You can withdraw your application for quick cash advances at any time, so there is nothing to lose! Apply today and ask our staff any questions you might have, then give us the go-ahead if you believe a cash advance is the right more for you.

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