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Why apply for an advance? Why us?

Because, sometimes, an advance is great when your next check does not arrive fast enough. You can't predict the future and you certainly cannot project when you are going to encounter financial problems. At least not all the time. Emergencies happen, and they call for urgent action. That's why we're here. Under circumstances when your next payday will not come in time for you to deal with whatever pressing matters are on your plate, our service will work to get you the relief you need within the next 24 hours.

  • It's easy to receive advances from our organization because we have eliminated the roadblocks normally found with banks and traditional lenders. You're going through enough, and getting the advance you need shouldn't be difficult!

There is no time-consuming approval process, as you will know immediately if you qualify. All you need in order to qualify for an American advance from us is proper I.D., a steady source of income that you can prove to our representatives, and a bank account that accepts direct deposits. You will also be able to avoid any paperwork, since our process takes place entirely online and over the phone. It's as easy as possible, and only the information we absolutely need is required.

  • There are no credit checks involved, either - since the amount of our cash advance loans is small, and you are required to have a job - there is no need to provide any kind of information regarding your financial history.

How to go about getting an advance

Applying for an advance from our agency is as easy as completing the form above. Becoming eligible for an advance of as much as $500 can be accomplished in minutes. Just submit your information (as described above) through this secure application and you will be pre-approved. Our experts will then contact you to discuss our loans in greater detail, to clear up any areas in which you are confused and to determine if you really wish to go through with this. Nothing is required of you when you complete this form.

On behalf of all of us at Payday Advance America, we welcome you to our site and we look forward to helping you with your urgent financial situation. Above all else, whether you continue with our service or not, we will point you in the right direction.

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