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We understand that the circumstances that bring you here are not ideal. No one wants to be short of money, and frankly, no one would choose to apply for an advance on his or her salary if it weren't absolutely necessary. But sometimes, times get tough. You need money faster than your job will provide it. What we do is make situations like this is manageable as possible. Thanks to the convenience of a cash advance and America's top lenders working with you along the way, you'll be able to get the money you need when you need it and take care of business.

Just submit some basic things about yourself through the free application (above) and our representatives will contact you immediately. All you need in order to receive a loan from Payday Advance America are the following pieces of information:

  • Employment Data. We will not contact your employer or anyone else. This is a private matter for you and we will respect that at all times. However, we must know some basic facts about your job before sending you cash. Our advance America program requires that you prove your source of income to us, so we will know you can repay the funds on time.
  • Social Security Number. The online form through which you transmit your personal information is guaranteed to be secure, and our staff will keep all data confidential. Your personal security is our top priority. This is why we need to know your SSN, as well as address information, before issuing a cash advance to you.
  • Bank/Routing Nos. Our loans are sent to you via direct deposit in order to make the process faster. We will need the account number (savings or checking - it's your call), plus the routing info for that account. If you are confused as to what these numbers are, see the diagram included in our application, or contact your bank directly.

If you need an advance, America's top lenders will help!

There are no credit checks and there is no paperwork involved in applying for one of our American advance loans. Everything you need to do takes place online (through the form above) and over the phone, when our staff members contact you to answer any questions as well as verify the information you submit. You are committed to nothing by applying. The form simply allows the experts at Payday Advance America to pre-approve you and tell you more about our programs!

Our cash advance America program will assist you wherever you reside in this country. North, south, east and west, help is just a few clicks away. In the country's most populous state, our advance California loans will get you the money you need when you need it most. Three thousand miles away, advance New York cash is available just as easily. For the nation's second-biggest state, advance Texas loans will help you through even the toughest times. Down south, advance Florida and Georgia programs will assist all consumers in need. All you need to do is complete our free application (above) and contact our lenders!

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