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Who will be approved for an instant loan from our service?

Just about everyone. With most lenders and banks, an instant loan (or anything resembling one) is pretty hard to come by. At the very least, the procedure is drawn out and filled with background checks, paperwork and myriad roadblocks. Here, we make it easy, safe and remarkably efficient for any citizen to receive the instant loan they need to get themselves out of a financial jam. So long as you offer adequate proof of your identification, employment and bank accounts, and our experts verify their authenticity, you will be able to receive the fast loan you so desperately need!

So how quickly will my instant loan arrive?

At the very latest, we can guarantee your instant loan will be waiting in your account within 24 hours of completing our application. Sometimes, it can be accomplished even sooner than this, but 24 hours is the time that may be required in some cases, depending on the time of day or the quantity of applications we are processing. In any case, our same day loan guarantee gets you the money faster than you could expect elsewhere. By getting you a quick loan within one day, we give you the chance to take care of pressing needs... ones for which you can't afford to wait around.

When do I pay back my instant loan?

Generally, your loan will be repaid when you next get paid -- by your employer. When your next paycheck arrives, you will receive an e-mail communication with us, allowing you to authorize the return of the funds. Should you decline to return the funds at this juncture, additional fees will apply to your instant loans and things may get out of control, so be sure you are prepared to repay the amount when the time comes! The entire process can be completed instantly, with the efficiency of the free form above, and you can repay the amount with little to no hassle.

Will my bad credit affect my eligibility?

We do not run credit checks as part of our instant loan application. The fact that our applicants must be presently employed eliminates the need for this obstacle. Mistakes in the past may preclude you from receiving an overnight loan from traditional lenders, but the Payday Advance America team looks at more than your credit score. We look at the individual, and the fact that you are working hard gives us all the assurance we need that you will repay your instant payday loan on time. Plus, you know when your next paycheck is coming, so budgeting for the return of our money shouldn't be hard at all.

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